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Is living in Turkey a good idea?

Is living in Turkey a good idea?

Turkey can offer its residents a good climate, an active and healthy lifestyle, and most expats find they get a good value for money when they move to Turkey.

To make sure your idea of moving to Turkey works out well for you, learn the ropes beforehand. Research your locations, rent first before buying a property in Turkey, plan with your income and residence status, and, most importantly, make sure your health needs are covered.

Learning the language will help greatly. All official agencies in Turkey only speak Turkish and everything becomes 100 times more difficult if you do not speak the language.

A good job or a steady income is really important. You can appreciate in full Turkey as a great value-for-money destination only if your income is paid in one of the major currencies, not in the lira.

If you get it right, you will enjoy your life in Turkey greatly.

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